Kanye's shades ripped off by Market were ripped off from Franky Baca???!


Ye (Kanye West) dropped the YZY shades a couple weeks ago and they were quickly ripped off by fashion streetwear brand MARKET. A common play by the brand, they openly make goofs of products popular in the streetwear world. Now it turns out Kanye wasn't so original in the first place.

In a recent interview on a podcast called "disconnected" under the No Jumper brand Franky Baca (Up and coming designer) depicted his experience working with Kanye's team. He alleged that he was asked to show his best designs as a way of getting approval from YE to work on bigger projects. After doing so he didn't hear much about working with YE but was asked to help out on other projects for a creative member of YE's team. After a while he was tagged in the post that featured the famous YZY shades. He quickly reached out to the Yeezy team. No reply. 

His relationship with the Yeezy team ended dramatically, when they finally responded to the copying accusations with a simple quote: "That's Life"



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