Why photos are becoming less artistic

It has become easier than ever to click a photo on your iPhone. Being able to take 10 photos in one second is not good for photography and the quality of art within the photos. 

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Before, you had a limited roll of film and you had to capture the moment in time just the way it’s happening at the perfect second. It was almost like real life. You either had to be engaged in the real world or so engaged in capturing the real world that doing both was impossible. Now everyone is standing at a concert with their phone the whole time and we all know they aren’t getting the full potential out of either. The photography and video quality will not be as good as the timeless pictures we once had, and the experience will not be as enticing and enriching either. When you try to do too much you end up doing nothing. You either fully focus on being the camera man for your friend group or you enjoy the moment. Anything in between is just a waste of time. 
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It almost seems that making it easier to take photos has made more photos appear obviously but that made the quality decrease. Mass consumption has lead to the death of quality and soul within our photography and we are not going to sit by any longer. We’re bringing quality back to the market in everything we do. I’m sorry if you don’t believe us now, just wait our friends. We’ll give you what you’ve been waiting for all this time. 

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