Kanye Wanted Out of Adidas Contract All Along (Kanye Drama Recap)

-Kanye West has been talking about wanting to be out of his Adidas Yeezy contract for months now. Seeing that he was dropped by Adidas may seem like a negative to the naked eye, but there is much more complex moves at play here. Having the Yeezy brand name will serve Kanye (YE) greatly in the future as he can now manufacture his apparel and shoes independently. 

- Kanye Tweeted "In the morning im going Defcon 3 on Jews"

- Got slammed online about it

- Brands dropped him 

- Wore White Lives Matter Shirt W/Candace Owens

- Went on Piers morgan, Drink Champs, Tucker Carlson, Lex Friedman

- Sketchers has kicked Ye out of their headquarters, all his brands have dropped him. Now it seems as though Kanye may be taking the time to reflect and process his latest actions. 

Adidas took the longest to drop Ye due to the massive success of Yeezy's but after Kanye not apologizing publically, even though given many chances to, they finally decided to pull the trigger and let Kanye Free. 

This situation leaves many fans wondering what the future of Yeezy will look like as a brand. Shoes have skyrocketed in prices on Stock X after Adidas announced the dissolution of contracts. 


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