OTG.Video Productions Attends SVG TranSPORT Conference and NAB Show in New York City

The SVG TranSPORT Conference is a premier event that brings together influential leaders from the television and communications sectors. This year’s conference will be held at The Cutting Room in New York City on October 24, featuring a full day of insightful sessions and discussions. The event will revolve around the most current trends and innovations in contribution and distribution technology, encompassing terrestrial and satellite backhaul, IP and cloud-based transport solutions, 5G’s potential and its impact on bonded cellular, the latest compression standards, transport protocols, 4K and HDR delivery, connectivity requirements for REMI/remote productions, and more.

At the NAB show, attendees had the chance to explore innovative approaches to content creation, exchange ideas, find inspiration, optimize efficiency, and maximize resources by connecting with products, practices, and industry peers. OTG actively engaged with vendors and prominent industry experts to gain deep insights into the latest technological advancements. David Emello, President of OTG Video Productions, a video content creator based in New England, emphasized the necessity of keeping pace with the rapidly evolving industry, stating, “The technology has advanced by leaps and bounds since Covid, and customers now have higher expectations.”

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Nov 4th, 2023

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